1. gruntingrelic:

    The Gogol Bordello concert at Lupo’s, was the most fun i have ever had at a concert!  Thank you all for coming so close by.image

  2. findalittlespace:

    Yay! Gogol Bordello stage set up before the show. And the new CD. I got it signed by Tommy, Eugene, and Sergey after the show.
    Such a great show, so glad to have been able to go.

  3. (Source: winzer)

  4. geshmally:

    Eugene Hutz, Gogol Bordello
    Taken in Portland, Maine in May 2012

  5. geshmally:

    I’m pretty happy with myself for this shot. It’s not technically perfect, but then I’ve never really given a shit about that kind of thing… Moment captured, job done. :)


    Gogol Bordello - Portland, ME - 31st May 2012 by ge’shmally on Flickr.

  8. exclaimdotca:

    Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hütz at the Sound Academy in Toronto last night.

  9. maybeoverhere:

    After party gogol bordello dj set. (Taken with instagram)